An engaging initiative by Formula E team Mahindra sees them inviting fans to design their 2017/18 livery.


The team finished season 3 (their most successful yet) with a well-deserved 3rd place and podiums.

Not only will the winner get to design the livery of their Season 4 racecar The M4ELECTRO, but they will also get a tour of the design firm Pininfarina in Italy.

To enter, just head over to the Mahindra site and get your design/designs (there’s no limit to amount of submissions) in time for the deadline of 10:00am UTC on September 18. The Mahindra site has everything that a designer will need to set their concept in motion.

This is a fantastic opportunity, in particular for some of the students I know who are out their designing stunning liveries for their university teams. Credit to Mahindra for putting their design trust into the hands of their fans- I’m sure it’s going to be great.


Photo Credit: Mahindra Formula E Team


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