Of all the new manufacturers in the EV sphere, Thunder Power is one of the most interesting I have encountered this year.

The Chinese premium EV manufacturer is a truly pioneering company, specialising in the fields of battery management, thermal management, and chassis development.

I spent some time at the Frankfurt Motor Show speaking with some of their engineering team in order to find a little bit more about the company and their exciting 3-model offering to the EV market.


A truly globally-focused company, Thunder Power have R & D facilities in both China and Italy and claim that their cars will have have sporty race-derived dynamics paired with an Italian styling. Sounds pretty good so far.

Interior 2 TP

Their booth at the Fankfurt Motor Show certainly caught my attention in a good way, with a clean minimalistic design and pair of massive thunder-clouds suspended from the ceiling. Storm-based theming is very on-trend for automotive shows this year!


I came face-to-face with two of their vehicles at the motor show- their four door sedan/saloon model, as well as their SUV concept.

As you can see from my images, the sedan was slightly dazzled, but the size and shape is comparable to that of a Tesla Model S*, with that soon-to-be iconic grill and what looks like quite a lot of boot space. Sadly we weren’t able to look inside and find out.

*Now, I hate lazy journalists constantly comparing every single EV with Tesla, however in this case, it really would be the most obvious comparison based on vehicle size and spec.


Technical spec:

Chassis-mounted battery pack: 308hp or 429hp

Drivetrain Traction option: 2WD rear or 4WD

E-Drive: 2 or 3 motors

Torque-Vectoring System

Range: 650km (NEDC) with fast-charging giving 300km in just 30 minutes

Maximum Battery Capacity: 125kWh

Power: 430kW

0-100km/h in <4 seconds

Maximum Speed: 240km/h

“Designed and developed in Germany, the Space Frame structure combines lightweight shaped aluminium with hot forged high-straight steel allowing a total weight reduction of more than 40% compared to the conventional standard.”

Interior TP

At this stage, there is not an indication of price. Testing is currently in progress with production set to begin in China in 2019.

The SUV crossover concept sported the attractive oval logo grill of the sedan, plus some exciting rims (I really like them!) and unlike the sedan, did have it’s interior on display.


The SUV model is expected to be available from 2020.


Obviously as a new manufacturer Thunder Power will have a lot of mountains to climb before we will be seeing their vehicles on the road, but meeting the very passionate and enthusiastic team of engineers left me feeling optimistic. The goal is to have a range of 3 vehicles available, with the third being, a limited edition coupe with strictly only 488 units produced.

“The Limited Edition TP-488C embodies the true essence of Thunder Power. The creation of sumptuous luxury and cutting edge technology. Infused with racing performance and energy, with 4-Wheel drive and a range of 650 KM, it takes you to the next level of performance.” –

The electric luxury coupe will have a range of 650KM, 488kW of max power and do 0-100km/h in less than 4 seconds. Thunder Power claims on their website “The near-perfect balance of driving dynamics: high levels of comfort with the firm suspension that delivers performance car levels of ride and handling.” Each unit will have an individual serial number laser-inscribed onto a plaque, making each model totally unique.

I’m extremely intrigued to see how Thunder Progress with their high-end electric vehicles and look forward to testing one out once their vehicles hit the roads.

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