The Honda Urban EV concept has received an incredibly positive reception across the board since its Tokyo (followed by Frankfurt) reveal in 2017. In fact, it has been so well received, Honda has admitted to changing their plans in order to keep the production version as true to the concept as possible. Yay!

You can see why.

honda urban ev 1

I saw this car for the second time a few week back in Geneva after originally seeing it at its European launch in Frankfurt last year. It’s a concept that sticks in my head, especially as I was always a fan (and for several years also an owner) of the Civic. The thing with this car and the reason why it evokes such an emotional response from people is it is so wildly different from every other electric car concept emerging at the moment.

It’s futuristic, yes, but it’s also retrospective and understated… and cute.

Inspired by the original Civic Mk1, the concept fuses 70s nostalgia with futurism seamlessly into a package of pure, uncontainable cuteness.

honda urban ev 2

Featuring front and rear message screens, the Urban EV concept is 3 door hatch with a simplistic, spacious fabric and wood interior, a single bench seat in the front, and a panoramic infotainment screen.

The doors are hinged from the rear and contain additional screens, which connect to digital cameras on the exterior. This focus on high visibility and the minimalist design gives a unique spaciousness for a car of this kind, and yet, still maintains that playful retro vibe.

honda urban ev 3

In terms of the production car, we don’t know very much. No powertrain info has been released and it is too early to speculate on price, especially until we’ve seen the production version in the flesh.

We can be sure that the front and rear message screens will disappear from the production version, as well as see that infotainment system shrink down, and its expected the 4 seats will become 5. But overall, we expect the shape and overall impression to remain true to the concept… And hopefully those wheels too.

honda urban ev 4

The production version is due for a European release in 2019.

What do you think about the Honda Urban EV concept? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media channels!

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