XING Mobility released footage today of a complete shakedown their rally-inspired electric supercar Miss R.

The 1,341hp beast is the world’s first electric supercar with both on and off road capabilities.

XING Mobility Image 5

“Incrementally testing the car at increasing speeds is crucial to the development of the vehicle and the last round of road trials has been the best validation of the battery technology and vehicle concept so far. Notably, the latest drivability assessments tested the vehicle in an off-road setting, enabling the company to gain feedback on the supercar’s durability, handling, suspension and power-distribution in off-road mode, as well as activating its changeable, tire/fender set for the first time.” – Azizi Tucker, CTO

The supercar contains four 350V motors and a battery pack of 1000kW, which will enable it to accelerate from 0-100km/h in a staggering 1.8 seconds, and from 0-200km/h in just 5.1. Yes please.

XING Mobility Image 1

According to XING, the release of this test footage coincides with this year’s AutoTronics show in Taipei, where Miss R’s modular, immersive-cooled battery system will be revealed to visitors alongside the supercar.

Miss R will be displayed alongside a 3.5 ton electric transit vehicle referred to internally by the team as “Mr T”. The naming game is clearly strong for the team at XING!

XING Mobility Image 3_preview

“The converted light-duty truck was designed as a showcase of XING Mobility’s fully integrated electric drivetrain technology. Consisting of 6,300 lithium-ion 18650 cells in 150 reconfigurable and immersive-cooled battery modules and equipped with a 350V high power density induction motor, the vehicle represents XING’s mission of empowering any and every vehicle maker of any size to go electric.”

CEO and co-founder Royce YC Hong explains in the video that “Miss R is not just a toy to have fun in, but it is also a R&D platform from which XING Mobility are able to innovate advanced electric vehicle technologies”.


XING Mobility is an electric vehicle powertrain systems company, based in Taiwan. They focus on advanced energy storage and electric drive technology using the development of extreme-performance racecars and supercars as their R&D platform.

Using the supercar as proof of concept, XING Mobility hope that presenting their full range of modular, easily-integrated electric drivetrain products will encourage more vehicle makers to take advantage of recent groundbreaking developments in EV technology.

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