I’m back in the UK after spending some fun time on an actual racing circuit last week- but more about that soon…

Next week I’ll be spending four days at The London Motor Show 2018 with Try EV and erod UK. I’m looking forward to getting the chance to catch up with lots of people, as well as get a good look at all the electric cars on display, including the Kyburz erod.

If you haven’t seen the erod up close yet, or haven’t heard about this car at at all, have a look at my post here to find out about the 100% electric kitcar built entirely for fun!

Kyburz erod

So now is your chance to let me know what electric cars you have your eye on at The London Motor Show 2018 and which cars I definitely shouldn’t miss. I might even be doing some live vids at the show, so let me know what you want to hear about and I’ll do my very best to make it happen.

And hopefully I’ll see some of you May 17-20 in the Excel Centre.

Keep on track of my Instagram and Twitter posts next week to stay up to date!



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