On Sunday (15th July) I’ll be leaving to the Arctic Circle with my five teammates, a little fleet of EVs, and some camping gear.

We are setting out on an adventure with purpose, connecting the six of us- six very different individuals- on an exciting journey, promoting the uptake of electric vehicles and raising awareness about oil spills, ocean plastic pollution, and C02 emissions.

BMW i3

We kick off from Bristol, where we will be partnering with Project Aware and PADI for the Clean Up Bristol Harbour Event, then on Monday we will stop in Milton Keynes to visit the EV Experience Centre before we head to Le Shuttle, make the crossing to Calais and begin our ascent North, via the following cities:

  • Oostende
  • Amsterdam
  • Hamburg
  • Copenhagan
  • Gothenburg
  • Oslo
  • Trondheim
  • Bodo
  • Tromso
  • Nordkapp

And in case you were wondering what car I will be driving… It’s the EV unicorn, the Tesla Roadster

CTTC Roadster


If you want to keep track, everything you need to know is below!


You can follow the journey here on my blog, where I hope to be giving as close to daily updates as possible.

We will be collecting and logging a substantial amount of data from the vehicles and of the journey, which we will publish afterwards. I will be logging location-based information using the fantastic what3words platform.



Also, in my mission to get more active with video, and being lucky enough to have a team of excellent videographers with me, we will also be producing a lot of video content. So I have finally set up a YouTube account to share all the action.




I’ll also be sharing a lot of daily content on my Twitter and Insta using #chargetothecircle



Without the help from our amazing partners and supporters, we couldn’t have reached this point.

We hope that with the support we receive on Patreon we will be able to create bigger, better adventures and stories in order to raise awareness about these big, scary issues, such as oil spills, plastic pollution, CO2 emissions etc. in an accessible way. We hope to show the beauty and fragility of the world in our storytelling, whilst adding fun and humour as well to keep a wider audience engaged. And of course, get people excited about electric cars!

Become a Supporter/Fan/Superfan/Industrial Fan on our Patreon here:



For general information head to

This site will also link you to the whole team, as my teammates will of course be producing lots of great content on their own feeds and platforms.



Finally… Follow My Teammates!

Pro Racing Drivers Ahmed Scotland and Ahmed GT

EV and Plastics expert Dieter VanS

Adventurer, Diver and Environmental Activist Manuel Bustelo

Photographer Martin Orozco

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 19.29.41.png



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