“I’m a Electric Vehicle specialist and Environmental Activist with a passion for driving stunning cars to great soundtracks and exploring incredible landscapes.

Follow me as I push EV’s to the limit through adventures that demonstrate the beauty and fragility of our planet, whilst learning about the changes we can make to secure a sustainable future.”


Beth Lily is an Electric Vehicle (EV) Ambassador, Motorsports Operations Specialist, and Adventurer. 

As an EV ambassador and consultant, Beth seeks to experience everything she can first-hand, specialising in electric road cars and electric racing cars. She works alongside an impressive team of engineers, scientists, business consultants, marketing experts and the occasional racing driver or two in order to provide a wealth of knowledge and services to her partner brands and clients.

Born in the United Kingdom, close to Silverstone Circuit, Beth grew up with racing and has been involved in motorsport in many different ways, including as a driver, marshal, race director, and manager.

Beth is an avid writer, presenter, blogger, and public speaker on topics pertaining to Electric Vehicles, Motorsport, Travel, and Environmental Activism. Always up for an adventure, she is driven by challenge and loves to push the EVs to their limit in order to create unique and exciting content.

Over the past few years, she has undertaken some huge distances in electric cars, including driving 60,000km, through 11 different countries in Europe in a BMW i3 in a partnership with BMWi BeLux, and bringing the first ever erod into the UK.

Beth believes that EVs and sustainable living are crucial for the survival of our planet. She is an active advocate for electric vehicles & motorsport, solar & renewable energy, a plant-based diet, animals and ocean awareness.

Beth has been heavily supportive of student motorsport activities, including Formula Student in Europe as an organiser, official, and volunteer. In 2017, she helped launch STEM education project Greenpower into the Benelux region.

She is a Co-Founder of European EV Promoter Evodays, a Director (and Driver) of Solar Team Great Britain, and has recently founded the Ocean Charge project, which aims to combine Electric Vehicle adventures and road trips with ocean awareness, marine life protection, and beach clean activities.

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Beth is also an active composer and violinist with strong opinions about car sound systems! She is a runner, fitness, and martial arts fanatic, and has a great love for travel and exploration of Planet Earth.