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Article An Extraordinary Electric Lifestyle in Driven Women Magazine Issue 4

Interview in the Ace Cafe London Magazine

Article Charge To The Circle in Driven Women Magazine Issue 3

Article An Arctic Circle Adventure in Autovolt Magazine Issue 25

Article The Charge of Electric Vehicles in Driven Women Magazine Issue 2

Cover article on the Jaguar E-Type Zero in Autovolt Magazine Issue 23

Autovolt March April

Cover article on driving the 2018 Nissan Leaf in Tenerife in Autovolt Magazine Issue 22

Article on bringing the first Kyburz erod into the UK in Autovolt Magazine Issue 21

Full-length feature in BMW Driven magazine (BeLux Edition) Autumn 2017 on EV adventure activities across Europe

Coverage on Radio 2 Limburg, Belgium discussing involvement with EV promotion, and role as a STEM ambassador

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